October 14-16, 2019

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Camp reset v.2

Unplug & Reset

Camp Reset was created with the idea of placing importance on taking time for yourself as a business owner since it is rarely realized in a small company. Along with continuing to learn and educate yourself, it’s just as important to set aside time to recharge, take a deep breath, and see where you and your business are in order to make necessary improvements and to invest in new ideas.

Join Jay Cassario, Jason Vinson, and Bud Johnson on an intimate and epic experience designed to inspire the hell out of you through gaining insight into their vision and shooting techniques. The three of them will inspire you through their love for their craft, their artistic and creative approach, while also being complete open books sharing everything they know with nothing held back. You’ll be spending three days with other like-minded creatives who are all looking to do the same exact thing you are, to be inspired and grow as photographers and artists while making new friends along the way. That’s what workshops like this are all about, an experience that changes you not only as a photographer, but as a person. READ MORE… click here.


Taughannock Falls

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Robert h. Treman State Park

Ithaca, NY

This year we’re heading up to Ithaca, NY for another fun and adventurous learning experience meant to help us all reset. We’ll be camping in log cabins which are just a short walk from one of the many large waterfalls Ithaca is known for. Sitting around a campfire each night, roasting marshmallows, getting to know each other, while being unplugged to clear our minds as part of the reset experience. October is usually the month where I start to feel burnt out from a long wedding season. Feeling uncreative. Feeling like everything I do is repetitive and I lack inspiration. I learned a few years ago that a trip like Camp Reset is exactly what I need to break the cycle and get back to feeling creative and artistic. Finding that love for wedding photography all over again, with new shooting techniques an business ideas to not only finish out the year strong but help prepare myself for the next.

Join Jay Cassario, Jason Vinson, and Bud Johnson on an intimate and epic experience designed to inspire the hell out of you through gaining insight into their vision and shooting techniques. While also making new friends and meeting other creatives looking to do the same thing, be inspired and grow as photographers and artists.

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fall foliage should be beautiful in october

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Taughannock Falls - 225 ft waterfall


epic hiking with waterfalls for miles

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INSIDE THE CABINS - electric & refrigerator





The plan is to make this a fun adventure where everyone will get the chance to shoot as much as they want, with hired models, while being coached along the way by three of the leading photographers in the industry. There will also be the typical workshop style teaching sessions on a number of topics from business and marketing to successfully building a unique brand. This workshop is also designed with the idea of reseting, recharging, and being inspired by other creatives all looking to do the same thing. It’s about the experience just as much as it is about learning new shooting techniques.

$850 per person (Early Bird Special $750 until end of July)






Do you have to shoot Leica to attend? Absolutely not!

Leica Camera USA will be joining us and providing the best gear in the industry if you want to push yourself in new and creative ways. There will be a Leica rep onsite with us throughout the entire workshop with gear available to take out on loan free of charge. While you can bring any equipment that you like and you don’t have to shoot Leica gear to attend, it’s just a nice bonus that Leica has extended to all the attendees.


This workshop will primarily be focusing on shooting more so then listening to lectures and taking notes. While there will be time each morning for a few hours to knock that portion out, there will be two full days that will be mostly centered around learning in the field with a camera in your hand. The three of us will be focusing on our different shooting techniques, how we use light, natural and artificial, visualizing shots and anticipating moments, as well as working with clients and posing. The three of us have very different shooting styles and have built our careers around them, so there will be plenty to learn and plenty of time to practice in one of the most beautiful areas along the East Coast.


The Foundry

Lecture Location







Jay Cassario is a South Jersey based wedding & portrait photographer, owner of the prestigious multi-photographer studio Twisted Oaks which he runs with his wife Sandi, and is a Leica Pro Photographer. Having shot his first wedding less than 6 years ago, Jay has been able to accomplish more than most that have been in the industry for over a decade. Jay is best known for his artistic and storytelling approach to his photography that has earned him awards and publications. He is a well-known Leica photographer and it serves as one of the foundations of his brand. With Twisted Oaks Studio booking over 100 weddings per year, the success he has seen has led to him quickly becoming a well-respected leader and educator in the industry.

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Jason and his wife Chasnie run Vinson Images. A wedding photography company based in Northwest Arkansas that also services weddings wold wide. Specializing in documentary photography and creative portraits, he strives to always incorporate an artistic flare to his images. Ranked as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the world and one of only 15 from the United States. Jason is also a Magmod Ambassador, educator, husband, and father.

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Bud Johnson is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Savannah, Georgia. Bud is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman, owning and operating two additional businesses within the wedding industry. Bud emphasizes authentic and intimate connections with not only his wedding clients, but every other vendor in the industry. Because he relentlessly cares for every person he meets, his photography and his educational skills are high in demand. Bud relies on the Leica systems to bring a unique and purposeful look to his photography, and loves to tell people about it.

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