Three photographers from different parts of the country, with different styles and different approaches to their businesses are teaming up to host a unique and intimate gathering of creatives looking to hit the reset switch. The first Camp Reset was held in February of 2017, offering the same experience, with the idea of “resetting” before the start of the upcoming wedding season. It was hosted up in the Pocono Mountains of PA where 25 attendees had one of the best workshop experiences, were inspired to break out of their comfort zone, learned new shooting and business techniques, while also making new connections and lifelong friendships.


This year we’re heading up to Ithaca, NY for another fun and adventurous learning experience meant to help us all reset. We’ll be camping in log cabins which are just a short walk from one of the many large waterfalls Ithaca is known for. Sitting around a campfire each night, roasting marshmallows, getting to know each other, while being unplugged to clear our minds as part of the reset experience. October is usually the month where I start to feel burnt out from a long wedding season. Feeling uncreative. Feeling like everything I do is repetitive and I lack inspiration. I learned a few years ago that a trip like Camp Reset is exactly what I need to break the cycle and get back to feeling creative and artistic. Finding that love for wedding photography all over again, with new shooting techniques an business ideas to not only finish out the year strong but help prepare myself for the next.


Join Jay Cassario, Jason Vinson, and Bud Johnson on an intimate and epic experience designed to inspire the hell out of you through gaining insight into their vision and shooting techniques. The three of them will inspire you through their love for their craft, their artistic and creative approach, while also being complete open books sharing everything they know with nothing held back. You’ll be spending three days with other like-minded creatives who are all looking to do the same exact thing you are, to be inspired and grow as photographers and artists while making new friends along the way. That’s what workshops like this are all about, an experience that changes you not only as a photographer, but as a person.